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K-12 School Administration Software

"Escuela 1000" is a groundbreaking software system that revolutionizes school administration. Designed to handle the complex demands of all types of schools, it is incredibly versatile and fully customizable to meet the unique needs of each institution. With its modern, state-of-the-art features, this system has no equal in the educational technology landscape. Its mobility is a game-changer, offering a mobile solution to track student engagement and incidents efficiently. Whether you run a public school, a private institution, or a tutoring center, "Escuela 1000" is a solution that adapts to your requirements. It streamlines class management, attendance, meals, grades, and more, offering unprecedented control and insight into your educational operations. This comprehensive, cutting-edge software is your key to efficient and effective school administration, setting a new standard in the industry.

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Software Features

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Next Level Administrative Control.

The "Escuela 1000" software system boasts a robust administrative section that efficiently manages classes, students, attendance, meals, grades, and other crucial functions. This sophisticated solution is tailor-made for multi-campus administration in private schools, streamlining the education process for K-12 students across multiple facilities.


Comprehensive Student Well-being.

Notably, "Escuela 1000" tracks and reports attendance, notifying parents or authorities in the event of absence. Its comprehensive meal planning solution accommodates state-sponsored or self-funded student meals. In addition, it provides a student assistance program for monitoring attendance, report cards, assessments, case history, and behavioral incidents.


Easy Education Management.

This system excels in handling classes, curriculum, and attendance at both school and class levels. It empowers administrators to assign teachers to classes, manage student attendance, and ensure seamless communication with parents and school boards. Originally designed to support at-risk students, it accommodates various circumstances, such as medical conditions or pregnancies, making education accessible to all.


Versatile System for Any Institution.

This system isn't limited to private schools. It's adaptable for public, tutoring, or any organization managing student bodies in group or individual settings. With a mobile app for tracking student engagement and incidents, "Escuela 1000" offers an all-in-one solution for educational institutions, enabling effective management of students, staff, and campus operations.

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The only way to truly determine if our software is what your manufacturing company needs, is to do a demo.


Every module can be tailored
to your school or organization.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Escuela1000” Software for a variety of educational institutions, includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to schools and students, tested and vetted by existing schools. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

100% Customizable

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