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Power Repair Management Software

"Grid IQ," the cutting-edge power repair management system, revolutionizes the way high-end electrical hardware repair and replacement are handled. It offers a comprehensive solution that efficiently manages clients, customers, and repair events. This software tracks certified technicians from their starting point to the job site, monitors their on-site time, and records the hardware used or replaced. Grid IQ compiles all time and materials data, simplifying the invoicing process for clients. Notably, it empowers office staff to stay informed about active repairs, assigned technicians, and their progress. The system's dispatching capabilities and mobile component enhance real-time communication by allowing staff to update job-related notes, photos, and time tracking on-site. It provides a transparent view of hours worked and asset management. Grid IQ keeps administrators informed about job status, ensuring a seamless workflow from job initiation to invoicing. It's a game-changer for power repair companies, offering unparalleled control and efficiency in a specialized industry.

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Our software is beyond power repair.
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Software Features

Designed to manage any power repair company or any company with a similar business model. Search list


Repair Job Tracking on Steroids.

The Grid IQ is a cutting-edge software system designed to manage power repair companies. It excels in tracking events related to repairing and replacing high-end electrical hardware, making it perfect for businesses in need of precise repair management. The system efficiently manages clients, customers, and repairs. It tracks dispatching, technician movements, time on-site, hardware usage, and generates consolidated statements for invoicing.


Stellar Company & Vendor Management.

Grid IQ streamlines the complexities of company and vendor management, providing a seamless interface to amalgamate company data, while neatly distinguishing among clients, contractors and suppliers. It delivers contact management tailored for both staff and contractors, clearly delineating roles thereby facilitating channels of communication crucial for timely dispatching and coordination. It simplifies the administrative load, ensuring an easy management of a multitude of contacts.


Mobile App for Technicians.

This system offers a unique feature that ensures efficient management. Office administrators can monitor active repairs and the technicians assigned to them, keeping tabs on their time and effort invested. It dispatches notifications to technicians with job details, locations, and contact points for each repair site. Additionally, there's a mobile component for real-time updates, notes, and photos during on-site repair, as well as clocking in and out to track working hours.


Powerful Project and Material Management.

This system boasts a comprehensive project bid solution, complete with templates for project scopes and bid items. It easily tracks material installation, product data, sales, and all related expenses. Additionally it also offers a test report solution, making it easy to report test results against various equipment. With travel time tracking, mobile support, and an integrated calendar, Grid IQ provides a holistic view of project timelines and overall profitability not found anywhere else in the software industry.

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The only way to truly determine if our software is what your company needs is to do a demo.


100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your company.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Grid IQ” Software includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to a Power or actually ANY repair company, tested and vetted actual established Power Repair organizations. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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