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Plastics & Polymer Manufacturing Software

The "Plastics1000" software system is a game-changing solution for managing manufacturing operations, originally tailored for polymers but adaptable to various industries. Offering a comprehensive manufacturing CRM, it covers client management, cost rates, and invoicing while generating insightful reports for sales, production, and costs. Its unique strength lies in precise formulation management, aligning polymer formulas with production lines and run rates to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing by proactively addressing material shortages. The system also streamlines manufacturing operations, integrating scales for accurate inventory tracking and supporting third-party resellers through consignment management. With user access controls, QuickBooks integration, and a range of features including production scheduling and formula management, it's a versatile, all-encompassing manufacturing solution.


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Software Features

Designed to manage any manufacturing of pre-formulated materials, or companies with a similar business model. Search list


Tailored Manufacturing CRM.

The system revolutionizes manufacturing management. Although initially designed for polymers, it fully adapts seamlessly to various manufacturing industries employing pre-formulated materials. At its core, it offers essential CRM tools like client management, cost rates, and invoicing, all commonplace in sales solutions. Notably, it provides reports for sales, production, and costs, bolstering efficiency and accountability. Other modules: production scheduling, raw materials, finished goods, invoicing, purchase orders, inventory control, production lines, service, employee management, and material formulation.


Streamlined Operations.

Our manufacturing system enhances control over client management, production runs, and manufacturing line scheduling. It integrates scales for incredibly precise inventory tracking, ensuring accurate material management. Additionally, it supports consignment operations, tracking third-party resellers' inventory and enabling seamless replenishment. It is a manufacturing management dream currently utilized by existing companies.


Precision Formulation Management.

Plastics1000 is known to excel in managing diverse complex formulas, calculating intricate material costs, and determining profit per ton. It associates clients with sales reps and customizes price categories. Consignment locations benefit from unique inventory and pricing models. Inventory maintenance spans raw materials, finished goods, and consignment sales. With multi-user access controls, full QuickBooks Online integration, and an array of features such as production scheduling, maintenance, and precise formula management, Plastics1000 is a comprehensive manufacturing solution truly  not available anywhere else.


Customized Inventory and Price Models.

Plastics1000 shines with its formula management for polymers and similar products. It integrates formulas with production lines and run rates, enabling real-time inventory evaluation. By comparing on-hand materials to inbound orders, it forecasts uninterrupted production. The system pinpoints potential material shortages, prompting proactive scheduling and orders to maintain continuous manufacturing.

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The only way to truly determine if our software is what your manufacturing company needs, is to do a demo.


100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your company.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Plastics1000” Software for Manufacturing includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to Manufacturing, tested and vetted by existing companies. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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