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Creative Agency Management Software

Our bespoke software solution, "Adman IQ," is a game-changer in the world of client management and advertising. Crafted specifically for an established ad agency, it boasts unique features that set it apart from off-the-shelf software. Adman IQ's standout features include tailored communication for account executives, accommodating clients with multiple locations or business types. It excels at real-time budget projection, combining sales data and competitive insights to build lasting client relationships. The system streamlines production workflows, from script creation to invoicing, ensuring operational efficiency. It even integrates with QuickBooks for financial precision. But here's the kicker: Adman IQ isn't just for ad agencies; it's adaptable for Public Relations Firms, Digital Marketing Agencies, Creative Agencies, Event Management Companies, In-House Marketing Departments, and Consulting Firms. It's a one-of-a-kind solution with universal applications.

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Software Features

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Client Management to the Next Level.

Our marketing and advertising software solution, "Adman IQ," offers an unparalleled approach to client management. It caters to various industries beyond advertising and marketing, including Public Relations Firms, Digital Marketing Agencies, Creative Agencies, Event Management Companies, and more. The system revolves around the concept of the account executive coordinator, assigning specific roles to individuals within an organization. It handles clients with one or multiple locations and businesses, such as franchises, ensuring effective communication with contacts, vendors, and media outlets. The unique feature lies in its ability to maintain a vast talent pool, from voice actors to sound engineers, and a comprehensive database of media contacts, allowing precise placement of ads.


Workflow & Invoicing On Steroids.

A key feature of the system is its ability to significantly streamline the production of various media assets, including radio, television, and digital content. With this system, executives can effortlessly create scripts, manage diverse production tasks, and devise cost-effective production workflows that save both time and money. Furthermore, the system handles purchase orders and tracks assets, all the while simplifying the complex invoicing process to ensure that clients are provided with clear, straightforward bills. An added benefit is its integration with QuickBooks online, which minimizes the need for manual data entry, thereby enhancing accounting precision and reducing the likelihood of errors, making the financial aspects of production as efficient as the creative ones.


Real-time Insights & Budgeting.

The Adman IQ System stands out for its adeptness in budget management, granting clients unparalleled control to apportion marketing expenditures in alignment with their strategic desires. It deftly incorporates sales data, furnishing account executives with the capability to integrate real-time analytics, thereby enabling a meticulous assessment of advertising impact in correlation with financial outlay. This platform's sophisticated demographic targeting mechanism ensures the delivery of razor-sharp marketing campaigns to designated regions or audience segments. Furthermore, it bestows upon executives the power to forecast budget allocations over diverse timelines, harnessing the power of client history and market intelligence to uphold and fortify enduring customer alliances.


Tools for Effective Advertising.

The solution offers a comprehensive set of tools, including a training module for staff, document management, and robust reporting. It integrates QuickBooks for real-time financial insights and allows users to assign specific roles within the system. Moreover, it offers deep insights into contacts, dealerships, clients, vendors, and tasks, making it a versatile choice for businesses in the marketing and advertising industry. The system also enables management of custom relationships between dealerships and franchises, making it an invaluable resource for making informed marketing decisions. Finally, it maintains a library of co-op materials and offers market tracking capabilities to ensure efficient advertising operations.

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The only way to truly determine if our software is what your creative agency needs, is to do a demo.


100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your company.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Adman IQ” Software for Creative Agencies includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to Advertising and Creatives, tested and vetted by existing agencies. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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