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The Apparel Brain Software System delivered a remarkable $15 million revenue surge for a leading licensed sports apparel manufacturer in the USA. It streamlined operations, saving hundreds of man-hours company-wide and producing more products resulting in exponential sales volume.

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Apparel Brain, an innovative software system, catalyzed a game-changing $15 million revenue increase for a Fortune 500 company specializing in licensed sports apparel manufacturing. This transformational software is not confined to this specific sector alone; it is universally applicable to any garment or apparel manufacturer that initiates production with design. The system's three core components encompass efficient artwork production, streamlined line planning, and a comprehensive mobile sales interface. It optimizes creative management, expedites concept-to-production workflows, minimizes waste, and fosters collaboration between creative teams and clients. This seamless integration between production and sales enables tailored presentations, driving demand and market responsiveness. With capabilities for short-run production and easy adaptation to seasonal opportunities, it's a versatile solution for apparel manufacturers. Apparel Brain brings end-to-end garment lifecycle management, allowing for complete control from ideation to final production, making it a valuable asset for any CEO aiming to boost revenue, streamline operations, and enhance product development across the apparel industry.

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Software Features

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Revolutionized Artwork Production.

Apparel Brain revolutionizes apparel manufacturing, beginning with its Artwork Production Component. It streamlines design management, ensuring every garment line, colorway, and merchandise detail is meticulously tracked. From men's fall to women's summer collections, the system organizes artwork, logos, and fabric patterns, optimizing creative efforts and expense. Design proofs are easily generated, fostering collaboration between the art division and clients. With time tracking and seamless concept-to-production workflows, it minimizes waste and identifies high-demand items efficiently. This component empowers your creative team to produce compelling designs and catalogs, enhancing collaboration and minimizing waste.


Desktop and Mobile Sales Excellence.

The comprehensive Mobile Sales Component empowers your sales team to deliver exceptional results. It transforms the final catalog into customizable contact sheets and catalogs, enabling tailored presentations for customers and resellers. This tight integration between production and sales fosters a deep understanding of demand, colorways, and designs, allowing for informed decision-making before manufacturing begins. With short-run capabilities and easy management of seasonal opportunities, your sales team can drive demand effectively. The system ensures smooth collaboration, from concept approvals to garment sizing and final production sign-offs.


Comprehensive Line Planning.

The “Administration of the Line Plan Component” you could say is the heart of Apparel Brain Software. It orchestrates the entire production year, from concept to catalog, enabling agile line planning for garments and colorways. By swiftly and easily consolidating buyer feedback and demand insights, it efficiently refines product lines, this way reducing any potential waste and optimizing production schedules. Seasonal product lines with short runs become manageable, thanks to its versatile capabilities. This component efficiently manages clients, vendors, artists, specifications, and so much more. It simplifies long-term strategic planning and adapts easily to the demands of today's changing market .


End-to-End Garment Lifecycle.

Apparel Brain provides an end-to-end solution for garment lifecycle management. It enables department heads to visualize line plans, garment concepts, colorways, and gender/age variables. Licensing and approvals are streamlined, ensuring efficient concept-to-production workflows. Whether you're a brand, league, organization, artist, or any apparel manufacturer, this system adapts to your needs. It integrates past designs, modernizes legacy garments, and tracks all organizational elements, making long-term planning a breeze. With Apparel Brain, you gain complete control over your garment or design's lifecycle, from ideation to final production.

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The only way to determine if our software is truly what you need, is to do a demo.


100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your organization.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Apparel Brain” Software for such industries as garment, apparel, team jerseys manufacturing and more, includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to Manufacturing, tested and vetted by an existing Fortune 500. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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